Due to our releases being limited, we are not able to make any changes to wrap size(s) ordered due to change of mind. This applies to both wrap size and shoulder type on ring sling conversions. Please note there will be a re-stocking fee of 20% if you choose to cancel an order; or you may choose to have Aroha Textiles store credit instead.


Size Length
3 3.2m
4 3.6m
5 4.2m
6 4.6m
7 5.2m



We aim to dispatch your order within 5 business days of receiving your payment. We will then email tracking details to you. All parcels are Sign on Delivery, and couriered within NZ by Pass The Parcel. Our international customers have their purchases sent through DHL Express.

Please note that rural customers will need to pay a surcharge. We will contact you to confirm your final shipping costs once we have them from DHL.

Due to our converter's insurance, we are only able to ship ring slings to New Zealand and Australia.

Sorry USA and Canada - we are unable to ship to you at this time. We're hoping to be able to share the Aroha with you in the near future.


If you are new to carrying your baby in a woven wrap... welcome! We recommend help from a certified babywearing consultant and attending your local babywearing group.

In every carry you need to make a good 'seat' by tucking a good amount of fabric up under baby's bum and ensuring it is spread to support from knee to knee. They should be in a 'froggy' position with knees at same height or higher than bottom/hips to provide optimal positioning for joints.

When using your wrap, your baby should be carried in the same position as you would hold them in your arms. After settling them into the carrier, check baby's position by embracing them; position should not shift significantly in your embrace. Reposition if necessary. Remember to wrap quite tightly to keep your baby close to your centre of gravity.

1. Ensure that you can see baby's face at all times. Do not cover baby's face with a blanket, fabric, nursing covers etc and do not let baby's face press into your body or clothing.

2. Baby's head and neck must always be gently and fully supported. Ensure you can slip your finger between chin and chest. If chin presses tightly to chest, this can restrict baby’s airway.

3. Attend to and check on baby often, especially those under 4 months of age. Consult an expert if your baby was born at a low birth rate such as a twin or preemie, or if they have a respiratory illness or breathing problems. Extra vigilance is required with these babies.

4. After breastfeeding in a carrier, take baby off the breast and return them to a proper carrying position. Their head should be above the breasts, free from fabric, turned away from your body. 

T.I.C.K.S Checks

In view at all times
Close enough to kiss
Keep chin off chest
Supported back

For further info and great resources:
Aroha Textiles is a proud member of the BCIA.


Please check your wrap carefully as soon as you receive it. If you notice any issues that you are unsure of please get in touch with us immediately. Your wrap has been made with a lot of care and scrutinised before it leaves us, but we are also human.

Your Aroha wrap will arrive to you in "loom state". It is very important that you give it a wash and an iron before using it. It is normal for your wrap to shrink a bit in this first wash, so we have allowed for this during cutting and hemming for you. This first wash will set the weave, remove any residues, and make your wrap feel thicker and softer and ready for those snuggly moments.

For our 100% cotton wraps we recommend a first wash on normal cycle in cold water with a low spin, and subsequent washes on gentle cycle. Please avoid using fabric softener, colour catchers or bleach. We recommend line drying, but you can tumble dry on low if or when you need to. Steam ironing is important to avoid the fabric creasing repeatedly in the same places which can lead to premature wear. It will also stretch out the fibres that were compacted during washing.

When washing your Ring Sling you should protect the rings (and the inside of your machine) by covering them with a sock.

Care instructions can be found on the Aroha tag sewn into the end of your wrap or Ring Sling. Please follow them and enjoy using your wrap for the longest possible time