Luminosa 'Constellations' Hybrid Ring Sling (Right Shoulder)

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This ring sling features a hybrid style shoulder with hand-buffed silver rings, and is intended for (rings on) right shoulder wear.

Constellations is a light to medium weight in hand, and is a soft, strong and breathable blend of fine cotton and Tencel. It will be soft from the first wash and with use becomes perfectly bandagey, a great balance of support with a dash of stretch. Well suited for carrying newborns through to toddlers.

More about the design:
"Luminosa is inspired by Arachnocampa Luminosa, the Titiwai, a species of glow worm that is unique to Aotearoa. These little larvae create stunningly beautiful galaxies of bioluminescence within caves and under sheltered ledges in our native bush and forests. The larval stage is the lengthiest phase of life for these little creatures and can last around nine months. As you might agree, a lot of wonder can be made in that amount of time.

Luminosa depicts the silk lines the glow worms use to capture their food, zhuzhed up to emulate the starry sky effect of their glowing tails. As a child, I spent a lot of time at Lake Rotoiti, where there was a small glow worm filled alcove near the bottom of our driveway. A beloved evening ritual was to go for a walk and wish the glow worms goodnight. I made wishes on them sometimes and they filled me with the wonder of nature. I still find them utterly bewitching. Beauty really can come in such tiny packages. And it can be found in simple moments that become treasured memories. But if you’re a parent you already know this well..."

We are able to ship ring slings to New Zealand and Australia only. 

Your ring sling will arrive in loom state and requires washing before use to set the weave. We feel it's better to leave the choice of washing detergent up to you in case of any sensitivities. Additional images of the wrap version are to show the design and colour when in use.

We hope you enjoy wrapping your babies in Aroha, made with love in New Zealand