Falkor at Daybreak Ring Sling MTO

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***This is a MTO (make to order) product - your ring sling, with gold rings and hybrid style shoulder, will be made for you as quickly as possible after you have ordered it. We will measure, cut, and sew it by hand, infuse it with aroha, and let you know as soon as it is ready to send.***

Our Falkor design is based on our beautiful native Toetoe, something so familiar to NZers we probably look right past it sometimes. Toetoe is part of the scenery of life here.

It reminds us of fond childhood memories at the beach - hunting and gathering, pretending we had wizard wands. Or beards. And all through the years to the present day, it is part of coastal strolls, bush walks, road trips.

Always there.

Feathery, fluttery, deceptively tough...lovely whimsical fluff.

Falkor at Daybreak is lightweight and strong, an approximately 80/20 blend of fine cotton and tussah silk from Switzerland. The colour is a beautiful neutral, a sandy beige, like the subtle warm glow at daybreak. It has both grip and glide, in good measure, and will mould around a smaller baby as well as hold rock solid around a bigger one.

We really enjoyed this in the humidity of summer with our new baby and love it just as much now in the coolest months of the year here.

We are able to ship ring slings to New Zealand and Australia only. 

Your ring sling will arrive in loom state and requires washing before use to set the weave. We feel it's better to leave the choice of washing detergent up to you in case of any sensitivities. Images are of the full length wrap version to show the design and colour when in use.

Falkor at Daybreak is a gorgeous and special blend and was a very limited release - here is the last of it available at farewell pricing...xx

We hope you enjoy wrapping your babies in Aroha, made with love in New Zealand