Heartwood 'Resolute' Woven Wrap

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This is 'Resolute', our black warp edition of the Heartwood design. If you happen to wear a lot of black clothing (i'm guiltyyyy!) then this will match so easily and lend your outfit its classic good looks - simple yet sophisticated. The warp is fine black cotton, the weft is a blend of cloudy grey cotton and Tencel in a silvery grey. We think it's a really elegant colourway.

We have 2 tester wraps available, which were used very lightly for testing and for our gorgeous photoshoot. They have 'flipped rails' which means that you can choose which side out you want to use them and have a nice neatly hemmed top rail. Both are in excellent condition and at clear out price!

More about the design:

"Kohia nga taikākā"

These words are a whakataukī, or saying, in the beautiful Maori language of New Zealand. Its approximate meaning is to gather the heartwood. To gather the heartwood is to strive for worthy things in life, and to live according to your values.

This is a beloved personal motto behind Aroha Textiles.

The Heartwood design to me is reminiscent of building with blocks alongside my daughter, and a wooden puzzle cube that belonged to my father. I was born in Tokoroa, a logging town. A forestry family. My father has worked most of his life in the NZ forestry industry, so my childhood was filled with the beauty and allure of wood. Building things from wood, being surrounded by wood grain, and walking up many hills to see many trees. Wood and trees and more wood. I love it. I love wood panelled rooms. I love parquet flooring. A lot. Dad is an expert in hardwoods. Which sounds just like heartwood. Well, in my accent it does.

Resolute is light and soft in the hand, mouldable after the first wash, and wonderfully floppy and obedient to wrap with. It has some nice slink, a little stretch, and after your passes glide into place there's the right amount of grip to stay in place well. Perfect for a new squish, it also offers generous support for heavier babies & toddlers in multi-layered carries. Being versatile and easycare, this makes for a great beater wrap at any time of year.

This design is a nod to my father, and also a nod of solidarity, to all of you, fellow parents striving to provide the utmost love and care to the next generation on earth.

Kohia nga taikākā...

We love these words and their meaning.

To seek the heartwood is about drawing things that really matter close to you.

We hope you enjoy wrapping your babies in Aroha, made with love in New Zealand