Kowhai 'Retro' Ring Sling MTO

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***This is a MTO (make to order) product - your ring sling, with gold rings and your chosen shoulder style, will be made for you as quickly as possible after you have ordered it. We will measure, cut, and sew it by hand, infuse it with aroha, and let you know as soon as it is ready to send.***

Kowhai 'Retro' was a prototype, and an offshoot of the original design idea that gradually it won my heart over the more botanical interpretation. So, with other floral ideas in progress elsewhere, this version of kowhai felt like it’s own sort of special.

Kowhai Retro feels friendly, familiar, quaint and comfortable. A lot like the childhood memories of summer holidays at the grandparents place. Or at the bach if you were lucky enough to have one. This design seems to evoke quite different remembrances for different people. Fond remembrances. Does it look a little classic, a bit kitsch? It’s Mabo, it’s the vibe. Your family could make future nostalgia with Kowhai Retro.

The fine cotton ecru warp and the olive Tencel weft combine to give Kowhai lovely looks and wrapping qualities. Just the right natural leafy tone like warm sun glow on summer grasses. And also the kind of retro character that i love so much. It’s light and drapey yet strong, and softens up beautifully with use. Lovely for carrying little ones at all ages and stages.

We are able to ship ring slings to New Zealand and Australia only. 

Your ring sling will arrive in loom state and requires washing before use to set the weave. We feel it's better to leave the choice of washing detergent up to you in case of any sensitivities. Additional images of the wrap version are to show the design and colour when in use.

We hope you enjoy wrapping your babies in Aroha, made with love in New Zealand