Piwakawaka Prototype Hybrid Ring Sling

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This is a hybrid shoulder ring sling made from a candy floss pink prototype of our native Piwakawaka (Fantail bird) design, with a creamy white base and birds in pink. It is 100% cotton and has hand-buffed rose gold Sling Rings. Pretty like spring blossoms and sweet like marshmallows...

This Piwakawaka prototype is soft, supple, and feels light in the hand, making it a lovely single layer carrying option for the summer! It will suit from newborn through to toddler and we predict plenty of sleepy dust. This is a two of a kind item, from an unreleased prototype.

We are able to ship ring slings to New Zealand and Australia only. 

Your ring sling will arrive in loom state and requires washing before use to set the weave. We feel it's better to leave the choice of washing detergent up to you in case of any sensitivities. 

We hope you enjoy wrapping your babies in Aroha, made with love in New Zealand