Pohutukawa 'Peach Melba' Woven Wrap

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There are some forms of nature that are so deeply embedded into the hearts and minds of a people...a beloved native flower like our Pohutukawa is one such sight.

In Aotearoa we are never very far from the coast. And this northern coastal beauty, herald of the summer months, is close to so many of our hearts.

The exuberant blooms are colourful and delicate, while the Pohutukawa tree itself is rugged and resilient. It happily braves the wilderness, bringing a splash of floral fireworks to steep unforgiving cliffs as well as serene beaches. It will not shy away from the elements, not even an active volcano. This flower represents adaptability and fearlessness, things the world is asking of us all more than ever.

We first showcased our Pohutukawa design in this scrumptious Peach Melba colourway, which is approximately 75% Cotton and 25% Tencel. We made a very limited range of wraps to order back then, and then hoarded the leftover length for other projects. So here are the final pieces!

It is soft, drapey, and moldable after the first wash, making it a summer breeze to wrap with. Divine for a new squish, it will just as easily support your toddler in comfortable and breathable multi-layered carries.

Your wrap will arrive in loom state and requires washing before use to set the weave. We feel it's better to leave the choice of washing detergent up to you in case of any sensitivities.

We hope you enjoy wrapping your babies in Aroha, made with love in New Zealand