Sweetheart 'Deep Purple' Woven Wrap

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Deep Purple was the second release of our Sweetheart design, a variant of the bold and classic looking Walters. This limited edition was named for the richly purple and luxurious weft yarn, which is a divine mix of merino, Brushtail possum and silk. This very special blend, woven across a cotton warp, offers you a wrapping experience of softness, strength, breathable warmth and comfort. Doesn't every dedicated parent deserve a purple heart for valour!

 Beautifully soft and blankety, with silky glide and gentle grip, Deep Purple is impressively lightweight & soft in hand and requires little to no ‘breaking in’ effort. At approximately 330gsm post wash it is wonderful from squish to toddler, supple and supportive, yet holds a carry without budging.

Each of the fibres lovingly woven into this quad blend lend their own gorgeous qualities: cotton, merino, possum, and silk…delicious don’t you think?! Deep Purple was the first machine woven baby-wearing wrap featuring possum fibre to ever be released anywhere, and we were so proud. 

Now, we're ready to let to let this last one go!

Your wrap will arrive in loom state and requires washing before use to set the weave. We feel it's better to leave the choice of washing detergent up to you in case of any sensitivities. Care instructions for this special fibre blend are included on the sewn in label and the accompanying Aroha booklet. Additional images of the wrap version are to show the design and colour when in use.

We hope you enjoy wrapping your babies in Aroha, made with love in New Zealand 


***Wait, did you say...possum?

Brushtail possum fibre is the first new natural textile fibre to be used in over 100 years.  The unique factors around the presence of possums in New Zealand has led to its development here as an increasingly accessible and appreciated fibre option, that is in itself very special. Apart from possums, only the fur of a polar bear has a hollow core fibre. This structure is what makes it so light, with a high warmth to weight ratio and a luxurious feel.

The NZ spun possum blend yarn we have selected is a de-haired short staple fibre that has been mixed with merino and silk to create a thread that has both stretch and strength. It is resilient to static and pilling, and tests as 50-55% warmer than merino by itself. It’s also more lightweight, incredibly soft (similar to cashmere), both absorbent and breathable, doesn’t hold odour and causes next to no itching or irritation for sensitive skins. The longer guard hairs have been removed prior to spinning so it will not shed, this adds to the comfort and practicality of wearing and maintenance.

This possum fibre is all sourced within New Zealand by fur trappers who must adhere to the New Zealand Governments Animal Welfare Act 1999. Possums are not farmed for their fur - they live in the wild across an alarming 95% of the country.

Control programmes are in place to try and protect native trees, plants and birdlife and the fibre found in our new possum blend wrap is a by-product of those eradication programmes.

Brushtail possums were introduced from Australia to New Zealand in 1837 for the purpose of establishing a fur trade. Initial attempts at this were unsuccessful, badly managed, and the environmental consequences of the burgeoning possum population have been disastrous. The sweet looking furry creature has no natural predators here at all and is known as New Zealand’s biggest ecological threat.

They chew their way through approximately 21,000 tonnes of choice green shoots, fruits, berries, bark and leaves in our native forests EVERY NIGHT. They are omnivores and compete with a range of our native birds for food and living space, also eating the eggs of native birds like the Kiwi, and eggs and nestlings of the Kokako.

The NZ Fur Council works closely with the New Zealand Government Department of Conservation to promote fur recovery as one of the solutions for the control of possums for natural heritage protection. It's not enough on its own to control the population, but trapping with the intent to utilise the fur as a by-product of the mandated culling is more humane method than other options. The Fur Council site has further information about this and the impact of the possums on New Zealand’s native flora and birdlife.


Using Brushtail Possum fibre from New Zealand supports local efforts to protect our native forest, birds, and waterways, and aids in reducing the use of broadcast poisons in the environment. We believe these things are really important and want to support them, despite our personal fondness for furry little faces.

From this situation, which is far from ideal, we hope to make textiles that are useful and beautiful.***